Therapy can be a profound experience that alters the way a person experiences the world. Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from therapy will never seek it out, or will only do so as a last resort, perhaps many years after they could have first used it. I believe a significant reason for this is that many people simply do not know what therapy really entails or how it could help them. In the absence of simple, clear information from practitioners, many people likely have only cultural caricatures of therapy to go by, which do not capture the many ways in which therapeutic practices have evolved since Freud’s day.

My hope in creating this site is to provide information that makes therapy feel more understandable and accessible, and that as a result more people will take the often anxiety-provoking step of seeking help. I cite pertinent research at times to support some of the points that I make, but this is in no means meant to be a comprehensive review of therapeutic practices and I do not claim that the views expressed herein are definitive. Instead, I hope that this will be a practical synthesis of what therapy is and how and why it can help.

-Alex Afram, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist